FAQs about X-Guide® & Dynamic Navigation


The prestigious Dr. Michael S. Block, D.M.D of Metairie, LA shares his thoughts and responses with X-Nav Technologies on these common questions about Dynamic Navigation and its role in dental implant procedures.


Why do I need to Guide at all when my freehand results are already good?

You may be good – but you can always be better. Most implants are restorable but sometimes the small deviations from perfect require custom abutments or perhaps non-ideal emergence. Perfection is the goal.


I’ve placed thousands of implants already, why would I want Dynamic Navigation?

If you take post implant placement cone beam scans and look at them closely, you will tend to want to make small adjustments on angulation or spacing. Navigation will improve your placement even though you have lots of experience. Data collected on over 400 implants in the hands of experienced surgeons shows a significant improvement in angulation with less deviation compared to freehand data in their hands.


What’s the difference between Dynamic Navigation and Guided Surgery?

“Guided surgery” is either static or dynamic. The static guides work well – but there is no flexibility after it is made. Dynamic Navigation allows you to make modifications immediately prior to or even during surgery. You also have on-line view of your burs when they get close to structures like the nerve, or nasal floors, or the floor of the sinus.


Additional frequently asked questions about The X-Guide Dynamic 3D Navigation system:


Will it fit in my office?

The X-Guide system is an in-office navigation system that is designed to fit in even the smallest of surgical rooms. The design takes minimal floor space and is designed for flexibility to accommodate various surgical positions (left-handed, right-handed, 12- 10- and 2-o’clock positions, etc). As part of your installation and training, our Clinical Training Specialists will do a dress-rehearsal to simulate an actual surgery to prepare the ideal set-up for you and your staff.


Will it work with my existing implant system?

Yes, the X-Guide system conveniently works with any implant system and any drill set.


Does it work for edentulous cases?

Yes, for more information on edentulous cases and workflow, please contact us at info@x-navtech.com or simply complete the contact form.


Do I still need to order a guide/stent?

No, there are no additional processing or shipping delays that are common in the static guide process. Patent-pending X-Point technology makes it easy to look at the screen and concentrate on one dynamic focus point to assist in precisely guiding the surgical implant.


How can I see a surgery before deciding if I want to integrate an X-Guide system into my practice?

We offer the option to view a live surgery using the X-Guide system at locations around the country. We would be happy to host you at a live surgery event or individual visit. Please email info@x-navtech.com or call 267-436-0420 for upcoming LIVE SURGERY dates and details. See it. Believe it.


Who is X-Nav Technologies?

We know dental. We know technology. At X-Nav Technologies, we innovate to deliver solutions that we believe will help you practice better dentistry. With over 300 cumulative years of medical/dental product experience, our team consists of advanced optical CT guidance scientists, dental/medical planning software experts, leading dental CBCT engineers and clinical and industry relation experts. The X-Guide was developed in close collaboration with leading Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons across the country.  Read more about the X-Nav Technologies team here.