X-Nav Technologies is dedicated to educating the dental community and empowering them to enhance their implant planning and surgery.

We have a passion and commitment to ensure our customers have information on the benefits of our technology, as well as the most up-to-date training on how to use our systems to improve practice workflow and patient satisfaction.

That is why our Education & Training programs are a key part of every X-Guide customer experience. Our network of leading industry educators, X-Nav training specialists, and on-demand web training programs will keep X-Guide customers at the top of their game with our game-changing technology.

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X-Guide LIVE: One-Day Surgical Navigation Observation Courses

Dr. Robert W. Emery BDS, DDS and the team at Capital Center for Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery - Washington, D.C.

Join this unique surgical course to:

  • Experience first-hand the clinical workflow of the X-Guide Navigation system, including: X-Clip fabrication, treatment planning using a digital work flow, calibration and system check, and implant placement.
  • Review live dentate and edentulous navigation surgeries.
  • Each attendee will have the opportunity to ask questions and interact directly with the surgeons and staff members. Lecture material will be present between patients. The operating rooms are equipped with 3D video microscopes so an “intraoral” view is available at all times during surgical procedures.
  • Hands-on opportunity is available on models.

March 15-16, 2018   Course Full - Registration Closed

April 19-20, 2018   Course Full - Registration Closed

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Hands-On Cadaver Course For Bone and Soft Tissue Grafting

Russo Seminars - Dr. John Russo, Dr. Bob Gellin, Dr. Thierry Bacro 

April 19-20 in Charleston, SC

July 19-21 in Phoenix, AZ

October 11-13 in Charleston, SC

This course is designed to give clinicians the confidence to perform soft tissue grafts, appropriate flap design for full and partial thickness flaps, suturing and advanced bone grafting procedures upon returning to their offices. Featuring the X-Guide dynamic 3d navigation system.



UCLA Napa Implant Symposium - Digital Dentistry: How Far Have We Come? 

Moderators: Peter Moy, DMD and Todd Schoenbaum, DDS

Speakers: Sam Alawie, MDT, Michael Block, DMD, Alessandro Pozzi, DDS, PhD, Kumar Shah, BDS, MS

May 18-19 in Napa, CA  

The program will be held in the heart of California’s wine country: Napa Valley. Come join us for two half-day sessions, and spend the afternoon enjoying all that this beautiful area has to offer: world-class wineries, seven Michelin rated restaurants, and beautiful scenery. Course featuring Navigation Implant Surgery using the X-Guide system.


Immediate Implants & Navigational Surgery

Dr. Dan Cullum and Dr. Robert Emery

May 17-19 in Coeur d'Alene, ID

Immediate implant placement has gained broader application as clinical results have become very predictable. This course will teach current techniques for immediate management of single & multi-rooted teeth in both maxillary and mandibular extraction sites.

Dynamic Navigational Surgery provides a paradigm shift in predictably pre-planning implant treatment for optimal outcomes. Adjunctive bone and soft tissue grafting will also be presented. These techniques offer a faster healing interval and minimal discomfort. Cone Beam CT imaging is important for evaluation of alveolar dimensions, inferior alveolar nerve proximity, sinus anatomy and pathology for appropriate case selection. A progressive skill development will be shown to manage and avoid patient complications.

This course will focus on the best clinical practices using live surgery, an extensive video library, hands-on applications and handout materials.


Crestal Sinus Elevation & Navigational Surgery

Dr. Dan Cullum and Dr. Michael Block 

September 13-15 in Coeur d'Alene, ID

Crestal sinus elevation and navagational surgery is an evidence-based presentation of traditional and minimally invasive techniques used to manage the spectrum of anatomic defects encountered in daily practice. Using live surgery, an exten- sive video library, handout materials and hands-on applications, participants will gain understanding and proficiency with:

• Crestal sinus elevation techniques: osteotomes, reamer drills and hydraulics

• Immediate implant placement with crestal sinus elevation

• Advanced crestal techniques including contiguous sinus oor elevation (CSFE)

Dynamic Navigational Surgery

These evidence-based techniques offer a reduced healing interval and minimal patient discomfort. We will emphasize the best clinical practices for progressive skill development and the role of CBCT for anatomic evaluation and technique selection to avoid complications.